Last Update: January 3, 2018

Welcome to the Home of the 2017-18 Bowl Pool - the pool's 20th year!!!

The bowls rang in the new year with some exciting games that shook up the standings of the pool! Now with just the championship game left, we can narrow things down to two possible scenarios for this year's bowl pool Top 3.

It's all going to come down to 4 former Bowl Pool champions duking it out for the 2017-18 spot on the Wall of Champs. Andrew Fenton ('02, '14) and Jay Treadway ('06, '15) are currently in first with 26 points. Both have a shot at becoming a 3-time Bowl Pool Champion if Georgia is victorious in the title game, coming down to the tiebreaker. However, Lisa Harkins ('13) and Andrew Young ('00) are hoping the Crimson Tide roll to another championship, putting them a tiebreaker away from a second pool championship.

Standings are now updated for after Monday's Sugar Bowl.

Picks can be viewed here.

Don't forget to take a tour through the Wall of Champs, chronicling past champions in Bowl Pool history!



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