Last Update: January 10, 2017

Welcome to the Home of the 2016-17 Bowl Pool - the pool's 19th year!!!

It's now official: We are crowning our youngest pool champion ever! With five games to play, Finn Harkins, and all of his 3 2/3 years of life experiences, is smarter than all of us. Finn went a perfect 4-for-4 on New Year's Eve to clinch this year's pool. By nabbing both Alabama and Clemson to win their national semifinal games - only 15 of 36 pool entrants did so - his 31 points and remaining picks have him locked into first place. Mike Harkins clinched second place with 29 points.

Danny Anderson finished the bowl season on an astounding run, reeling off 14-straight correct picks to jump up into the top of the standings and snag the 3rd place prize!

This year's prizes will be 220-90-30. Here are the not-so-intriguing scenarios for this year's title game:

Standings are now updated for after Monday night's Sugar Bowl.

You can view everyone's picks here

Don't forget to take a tour through the Wall of Champs, chronicling past champions in Bowl Pool history!

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